Current transfer projects

FITE programme

  • RegATEA-Pro. A step towards ugrading traditional riverside irrigated land in Teruel.
  • OvAl-Te. Feasibility of mixed systems of sheep grazing and almond tree cultivation under rainfed conditions in Teruel.
  • Calanda Peach. Genetic improvement of the Calanda Peach.
  • Dissemination and implementation of genetic innovations applied to the improvement of the productive efficiency of the native sheep breeds of Teruel.
  • Recovery and enhancement of local fruit trees and development of the late cherry in the province of Teruel.
  • Threat, management and assessment of mistletoe in Teruel’s pine forests.
  • Sowing Teruel. Local varieties of vegetables and legumes.
  • New truffle beetle control strategies in Teruel.
  • Forestry observatory on ecosystem services and biodiversity in the face of global change.
  • Ecoalmond Plus. Alternative almond tree agronomic management systems in Teruel: a GREEN approach.
  • Characterisation and classification of Teruel honey. Towards a quality label.