New plant varieties

Its plant breeding research projects on various plant species have allowed CITA to develop several new varieties of interest to producers. For example, the GUARA variety of almond tree is used in over 50% of newly planted Spanish groves.

Improved and selected plant varieties

  • Almond tree varieties:
    Aylés, Moncayo, Guara, Cambra, Blanquerna, Felisia, Soleta, Isabelona, Diamar, Vialfas

  • Peach tree varieties:
    Montamar, Montaced, Montejota

  • Fruiting patterns:
    Monpol, Montizo, GarnemMonegroFelinem, Monrepós

  • Wormwood:

  • Pepper:
    Luesia, Piver

  • Cardoon:

  • Melon:
    Montañana, Batas

  • Borage:


  • Selective culture medium for isolation of all Brucella species.

  • Procedure for measuring the ammoniacal nitrogen content in slurry by conductimetry.

  • Procedure for improving sheep livestock productivity.

  • Device for measuring the water content of lamellar elements.

  • Meat hardness prediction procedure for beef cattle.

  • Weed control composition.


  • Biodegradable mulch for agricultural use.